Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sun is here...a mid summer thought

Hello summer!!!

So at last the hide and seek is over and the summer is fully here.its time to swap jumpers and cardigans with tees and skirts.Time to bid adieu to the winter wardrobe and shed those extra layers of clothing.

Summer is always very close to my heart.Those rays of shine gently spreading across.I am a summer person like many of you here.Summer is unbelievably a visual treat.

Life's been busy over the last few weeks,so my blog spot was also hibernating.I have just pressed the pause button to the hustle/ bustle of my life and here I am with my first blog post in the last three months and what else would it be about than my beloved summer.

Just went on a stroll outside and was fascinated by the beauties of Mother Nature,twittering of birds,blooming flowers,lush green trees,God is undeniably a master artist to create this world so beautiful.

I also thank God for letting me live my life to enjoy this summer,life is a precious gift of God,enjoy every moment,we may never know tomorrow may come or not.All we have is today,fill your day with gratitude,gratitude for what you have,fill your day with love,love for every one around you,fill your day with smile,as smile is infectious,do some random acts of kindness,the list goes on.

I filled my special pot with hot camomile tea as I sit in my balcony to have a good look on the stunning views outside.I have not filled my calendar with too many todo list today as this is the time to pause,to live in the moment and embrace whatever feeling that comes to my mind.

Embrace every mood,be fully present in your life.Enjoy your life before it's slip away as Life is to live.

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