Monday, 17 February 2014

Valentines day-a date with myself

A date with myself- valentines day

February - valentines day is round the corner, love is in the air, buy those special roses for that special someone, hearty dinner for two- what's all this hype about. Is valentine day a Commercialists con or a celebration of a heavenly bond?

Commercialists love affair with valentine day continue to raise despite its bad press among the mama bloggers, singletons and happily married couples.

What ever it is it is an another opportunity to celebrate love. One may argue that we need to celebrate love everyday , but even that be the case , it will be an occasion if we have the special day to celebrate the universal language of love.If love be the language there would be no war in the world and if one is in love with theme selves there is no defeat or heart break.No matter what we learn about love, it will continue to be one of the most meaningful and powerful forces on the planet, as it should be.Love it or hate it it's lovers day and it's here. I decided to celebrate it in a different way- celebrate my love for myself, the unique person I am as each one of us is.

I have read somewhere the key is knowing in your heart that the best way you can care for others is by caring for yourself. I know this requires a paradigm shift for many of us. Despite what we have been brought up to believe, Everyone benefits from someone who knows how to care for him or herself. Self-care sustains and enhances the health of all those around us. The flight attendants are right when they say: You have to secure your own oxygen mask before assisting others.

So here I am celebrating my special day with myself.

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