Sunday, 22 December 2013

Build the bear workshop- my little pony Fluttershy product review

*views are my own

We recently been to build the bear workshop at our local area to buy a Christmas gift for my 4 year old that she could cherish and rememBEAR.She is a great fan of my little pony shows in TV so we thought a fluffy friend would make her a great Christmas gift.

She was deeply enticed by the cheerful colours and delightful displays of the fluffy friends.

She choose an yellow Fluttershy to make and cherish without much trepidation .

She cherished all the moments from filling the furry animal with sponges to adding a wishful heart,to adding the bubblegum aroma for the furry animal.( I would upload the photos soon).Its really a time worth spending.

The quality was good and they are undeniably a keepsake toy.

The only flip side being my daughter is now asking for  another pony from the workshop a pinkie pie or a rainbow dash to keep company for her Fluttershy ,hope a magical Santa could make her wish come true...!!!.

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