Friday, 27 December 2013

Everyone is special....

Long long ago in a rainy tropical forest lived Ella the little elephant with her mother Bella .Their days were filled with love and laughter.Elle the baby elephant also had a secret worry which she has always kept hidden from her mother.She secretly envied her friend Gemma the giraffe for her tall physical appearance.She always wished she is tall and had long neck like  Gemma.she admired the way Gemma elegantly reach for the tall trees.

It was a festive time in the forest.The whole forest was sparkling with delight,tingling with excitement and bubbling with laughter.The forest was filled with cheerful radiance and sweet aromas of festive goodies.Mummy elephant Bella could sense that her baby is feeling little under the weather.She approached her softly and queried" what's the problem my sweet heart".Baby elephant Ella cried " mummy I wish I had long neck and tall like Gemma Girraffe" Mummy elephant gave Ella a big cuddle and said " Every one are beautiful in their own ways God creates each one with their unique specialness,we should always count the positives in us"."Allright mummy" Ella nodded unconvincingly .
Mummy decided she had to explain this in a very convincing way to her daughter.

The next day Bella took Ella on a day out around the Woods. Ella was excited to see all the crispy colourful leaves and their crunchy feel.Bella carefully queried Ella" you see varied leaves of various colours ,yellow,green,orange,pink and red,which one of them do you like". Baby Ella said excitingly " no mummy I love all of them each one is beautiful in their own way".Now the mom queried caringly" does that not struck a chord with us too,We are all are also unique,special and beautiful in our own ways albeit our varying shapes,height and colours.

Ella now understood it fully ,felt happy for her own uniqueness and gave her mom a big fluffy cuddle.She whispered in her mom's ears " I love you mom". Bella replied back " I love you too my daughter". They lived happily ever after.

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