Sunday, 1 December 2013

Clementines and gold coins

It's officially December today, exactly 24 days until Christmas , the count down begins.The time to jolly is here, it's time to come out of the social hibernation caused by the short and dark winter days.

I have baked my fruit cake today and we have taken our Christmas tree out to start decorating. My daughter has written her letter to the Santa with her Christmas wish lists which included a talking princess toy, a clementine , gold coins to mention a few. It's very interesting how kids learn the tradition at such an tender age.

Christmas is not only the season to eat, drink and be merry but also a time to spend time with our extended families.The therapeutic effects of handcrafting home made goodies is simply delicious.I am currently in a frenzy of buying,making, wrapping and hiding a sleigh load of gifts for family members.

There is also another side to the coin .Christmas is undeniably, a tricky time for living healthy, that irrestible urge to swerve the festive buldge also the emotions and difficult family dynamics which descends at Christmas time are also part and parcel of the festive time.

There is some useful points we could learn every winter time that would help us stay mentally and physically balanced.Its the art of forgiving and letting things go.

There is something incredibly honest about trees in winter , they are experts at letting things go,golden words said by Jefrey McDaniel . Let's let go of our pain and other unbecoming emotions and embrace the festivities with an unbound sense of joy and balance.

Merry Christmas folks, it's the season to be jolly.!!!.

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